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Atish Gude
2019 White Team/5th Grade

Atish Gude, Head Coach
2012 Matrix 2019 White
General Background.   Coach Gude grew up in upstate New York in a suburb of Rochester.  He played varsity basketball and varsity baseball at Webster High School.  He attended and coached at various camps and training sessions during and after his high school career.   Coach Gude earned his undergraduate degree at Syracuse University and his graduate degree at the University of Chicago.

Coaching Experience.   Coach Gude is a first year Matrix head coach with five years of coaching experience in Northern Virginia.  He is currently the assistant coach for the McLean Select Basketball Girls’ 5th Grade Division 1 team.  He has also previously been head coach and assistant coach for the Reston girls county travel team as well as various Reston house league teams.

Coaching Philosophy.  On the game itself, Coach Gude believes that basketball is a team game made up of many individual skills and talents. 

For his players he emphasizes:

  • Proficiency in all parts of the game to build complete players
  • Practice to win through hard work, focus and repetition
  • Aggressive team defense leading to an up-tempo transition offense

On the game as a vehicle for building character in all young players:

  • Sportsmanship is a priority and all coaches, players and parents serve as role models
  • Positive reinforcement builds confidence
  • A great team is more than the sum of individual talents

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Last Updated:  January 21, 2012.