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Matrix Upgrades Website
Many New Features Added, Including Feeds from Twitter and Facebook

The Matrix website has made some recent updates to its website that we think will make the website much more useful and interesting to our players, coaches, families and fans.

Team Websites
Each Matrix 
team now has its own webpages, with information about the team, the team's coaches and other information.  Team pictures for each team is coming soon!  To find a team's website, either click on the team name in the Matrix Coaching Line-Up chart or use the Matrix Team Websites from the menu bar at the top of any page. 

Note:  After getting to the team webpage, make sure the "Team" dropdown menu on the upper right side of the screen has selected the team you want to look at; this may be necessary to view the team's roster; see below

Each Matrix 
team now has a page within its team website that includes the team's roster.  All the rosters now include player names.  Check back later for additional information including player numbers, position and height.  High school teams include the players' schools; our 13U players, headed to high school next season, will also list their high school for next year.

Matrix Tourney Schedules 
This new feature, linked at the top of any page on the Matrix 
website, includes the schedule for the next two weeks for all our Matrix teams; the page also includes dates and locations for each age groups' District Qualifying Tournament. 

Gym Locations
For all local tournaments and for all Matrix practice locations, just click on Gym Locations at the top of any page to get directions to the applicable facility. 

We believe that these upgrades will help our fans follow our teams and make it easier for players, coaches and fans to follow other Matrix teams throughout the season.

Twitter Feeds
We've added a box on the right side of the website that includes a link to our Matrix Twitter website AND shows the 10 most recent tweets.  This is a great source to use for keeping up with Matrix scores and other activities that are happening too quickly to be posted on the website.

We've also added a Facebook Fan box that includes a link to our Matrix Fan Page and shows recent postings to our Fan Page.