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Matrix High School Program
Overview and Approach

Overview of Program
Much like a traditional high school program, the Matrix has set up its high school program where players of high school age are eligible for whatever team they can make, as opposed to having strictly age/grade based teams.

This spring, the Matrix will be offering three teams for high school players:

  • Matrix Aces-Orange.  Our top showcase team for players in Grades 9-11
  • Matrix Aces-White.  Our second showcase team for players in Grades 9-11
  • Matrix Select.  A third team for players in Grades 8-10 that will play a 14U-15U schedule

We assembled an impressive group of coaches, all of which played basketball at the college level or above.  Read on for more information.

Click here for an update from February 25, 2010. 



Matrix Aces Showcase Teams – Katie Smrcka-Duffy Fudd and Omar Bell

Katie Smrcka-Duffy Fudd will again lead our Matrix Aces showcase team, as the head coach for the Matrix Aces-Orange team.  She will be assisted by Omar Bell, Tia Jackson, and Varda Tamulyanis.  (Click on a coach's name to read her/his bio.)

Our Matrix Aces-White team’s head coach will be Omar Bell.  Coach Fudd, Coach Jackson, and Coach Tamulyanis will also assist with this team.


As a unique aspect of our Matrix Aces program, the two teams will train together each week, as all members of the Matrix Aces coaching staff are highly qualified and experienced skills trainers.

The players will not only compete in college exposure tournaments during the spring and summer season, but players will also participate in weekly college-level workouts that incorporate advanced skills training, strength training, and conditioning.


We think the Matrix Aces program not only provides ample opportunity for players who aspire to play in college to play in top exposure tournaments in front of college coaches, but also to experience college-level training so that they continue to improve as players, and are ready to contribute from day one in college.

Overview of Matrix Aces Program

Training 2 times per week with team (each session is 2-3 hours).  In addition to the training, each player will be given a workout to be completed on her own 3 times per week.  This workout will include strength, conditioning, speed, agility and basketball skills.  We will also include nutrition and flexibility as part of our program.

We have 4 months to prepare our skills, knowledge and body for showcase tournaments.  This program is top priority after school and family.  We are here to help you achieve your goals but you have to put in the work. 

We will put together a player program to be handed out to college coaches at events.  We will also assist in contacting (calling/emailing) coaches on the player's behalf. 


Player testimonials.  And don’t miss the “player testimonials” from a number of players about their experience playing for, and training with, Coach Fudd and her staff.  Click here to read the player testimonials


Matrix Select Team – Nora Darcher

Nora Darcher will be the head coach for our Matrix Select team, which is a team designed for players in Grades 8-10 who do not participate on a Matrix Aces team, but would be good candidates for the Matrix Aces in the future.  Coach Darcher is the assistant varsity girls’ basketball coach at Langley High School, and played in college at Carnegie Mellon University.  She will be assisted by Leah Feola, who was her college teammate at CMU. (Click on a coach's name to read her bio.)


The Matrix Select team will play a competitive 14U-15U schedule, as the team will have a mix of 9th and 10th grade players.  Advanced 8th graders who are capable of being strong contributors one-two years up are invited to try out for the team as well.

How to Tryout for a Matrix High School Team

We plan on holding similar workouts during February, the first of which is on February 14.  Click here for details. 

Rather than exclusively holding one or two traditional tryouts, we will be holding these workouts so that players can meet the coaches and workout with other candidates for and members of our Matrix Aces and Select teams.  After each workout, Coach Fudd and Coach Bell will extend invitations to players to join their Matrix Aces showcase teams for the spring. 

Coach Darcher will also identify candidates for her Matrix Select team at these workouts.

In late February or early March, we plan to have a more traditional tryout to fill out any remaining spots on our three teams.