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AAU Girls' Basketball
Rules of Play

This page on the Matrix Basketball website deals with the rules of play for AAU Girls' Basketball. 

AAU Girls’ Basketball Rules -- High School and NCAA Rules
Starting in 2012, AAU Girls' Basketball split into two separate sets of rules
  • Grades 3-7.  For grades 3-7, High School Federation rules are used in sanctioned AAU events. 
  • Grades 8-12.  For grades 8-12, the NCAA Women's Basketball rules are used.  

Differences Between NCAA Rules and High School Rules
NCAA rules are different from High School rules in a number of ways.  A full explanation of the differences are beyond the scope of the website, but most common differences include:

Rule HS Rules NCAA Rules
Entering lane on free throws After shot hits rim On release of the shot
Shot clock None 30 seconds
Backcourt violation 10 seconds to cross N/A

Last Updated:  January 22, 2013