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This is what Matrix Basketball is all about: 

We are here to provide the best possible basketball experience for all of our players, not just a select few.  In doing so, our goal is to raise the overall level of play throughout Northern Virginia and the Potomac Valley AAU District.

We provide quality, experienced head coaches for our teams.  Most teams have experienced assistant coaches as well, some with multiple assistant coaches.  We are also proud to have a number of female head coaches and assistant coaches with extensive playing experience, who are able to provide their own unique perspective as female student-athletes to our players.

We aim to field highly competitive Division 1 teams in every age group that compete against the best teams regionally and nationally.  Our top high school Division 1 teams are designed to showcase players in front of college coaches through strong exposure tournament schedules, while continuing to develop players’ abilities so that they can make an impact on the college level.

We are dedicated to fielding strong second, and sometimes third, teams in most, if not every, age group, which are well-supported by the club.  You will not see our Division 2 teams with tattered uniforms, without a full roster of players, or without quality coaches.  We support and take pride in our youngest teams and our Division 2 teams, just as much as our older National/showcase teams.

We allow our coaches to select their teams and coach them; we do not micro-manage playing style or coaching strategy.  All teams have their own separate practices.

We offer honest, open, transparent, and responsive club management.  You should not have to wonder what we are doing and why we are doing it.  Each year, we ask parents to provide feedback via online surveys; this feedback is incorporated into our coaches’ evaluations and into our program in subsequent years.

We pride ourselves on running well-organized clinics, tryouts, and teams.  We send regular e-mail reminders with detailed information about what you need to do and where you need to be for all of our program offerings.  Our website contains all the details you will need.

We work on skill development year-round, as part of our team practices, and through skills clinics, small group training, and individual training open to all players.

We encourage our coaches to get better every year, through annual parent survey feedback, and through covering the costs of coaching clinics, coaching DVDs, and training equipment.

We support and strengthen community basketball programs, including house programs and county/travel programs, across Northern Virginia.  Most of our coaches coach a county/travel team or a high school team during the fall/winter.  We are also part of the leadership in the Potomac Valley AAU district and in the FCYBL member clubs in which our players participate during the winter.

We develop players that attend many area high schools, public and private, in order to raise the overall level of play in the region.  We are not a feeder program for one particular high school, group of high schools, or high school league/conference.

We are mindful that we are not just developing better players; we are also developing better people.  We encourage all our coaches to do team building activities and community service during the year, and teach life lessons and leadership skills along with basketball.

We are volunteers.  Our club officers, Board of Directors, and our coaches are unpaid.  Matrix Basketball, Inc. is a §501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

We will not overhype our teams, players, or program.  We are confident that our track record will speak for itself.