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Matrix Basketball
Skills Training Videos -- Ballhandling Overview

Title:  Evolution Basketball 10 Minute Ball Handling (Added September 2011)
This video is a non-stopt 10 minute session led by Evolution Basketball and includes:
  • Pound dribble -- many variations
  • Up and back contril dribble
  • Up and back between legs
  • Up and back behind back
  • Wall dribbles
  • Rythm dribbles both hands (front-back on side and side-to-side on front)e
  • Serves as conditionind drill as the players are tired after 10 minutes

Title:  Guard Skill Development - Kevin Sutton (Added February 2009)
This video includes:
  • Pound dribble (shoulder, waist, knee, ankle)
  • Crossover (shoulder, waist, knee, ankle)
  • Rhythm dribble (front/back, side/side)
  • Dribble and tennis ball tosses (alone and with partner)

Title:  Rambo Ballhandling Drills (Added March 14, 2009)

This video includes:
  • Crossover motion:  Side-to-side in front
  • Front-to-back on sides
  • Combine both, including behind the back